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  1. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    I've been in love with the Z series ever since I started wanting to get into cars. The first car I ever worked on was a Nissan Altima, and when I drained that transmission fluid at 80K miles WHEEW!!!! It was just black pudding. Fortunately, the CVT still works at 105K miles. Anyways (despite...
  2. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    This morning I got the same email that I’m sure plenty of you got as well. The person who sent it is very active and knowledgeable in this community, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they see this post. I won’t call them out by name since I know they’re already very busy. Long story short...
  3. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    While we all wait for the 400Z and this pandemic to end. we can make our own 370Z from paper thanks to Nissan's Japanese site.
  4. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Nissan has released a bunch of coloring pages to help people pass the time during quarantine/self isolation. Among the sheets are one for the 370Z roadster and the 240Z Fairlady. I've attached the PDFs for people to download.
  5. 2023+ Nissan Z Pictures
    A Nissan 370Z test mule has been spotted driving around the Nurburgring. As far as the body is concerned it pretty much looks like a regular 370Z, but the front fascia makes me wonder if it's hiding a new powertrain underneath.
  6. New Member Introductions
    From the moment I heard that Nissan is making a new Z car I was unbelievably excited! I've wanted a new sports car for my garage and I've been close a couple of times on getting a used 370Z. But now I'm going to hold off and see what Nissan has in store. I can't wait for this new car tome come...
1-6 of 6 Results