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  1. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Am I the only French speaker here? (Texte en français plus ba )I have a 1982 280zx Turbo that I love like you don't know. It is currently being dismantled for restoration, at my own pace which means quietly. I can't wait to receive my future Z. it's future Z will be in the color of my...
  2. Canada
    here in an article from the Montreal newspaper yesterday that explains why the law concerning the prohibition to sell a car more than the suggested retail price in Quebec, Canada. and the tricks dealers use to circumvent the law. I do not speak English, I use a translator to communicate with...
  3. Canada
    it's the law in Quebec, Canada, the best place in Canada to buy a Z at the suggested retail price. And no, I won't stop writing, and in the Montreal newspaper, there was an article yesterday that spoke exactly about the problem of dealers who sell too much. With us in Quebec Canada, it is the...
  4. Canada
    Canadian, Don't worry about American writings. In Canada, dealers cannot sell for more than the suggested retail price.
  5. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Was able to ride along in both the manual and auto Z's today! The full ride in the auto is next video!
  6. 2023+ Nissan Z Videos
    Was able to ride along in both the manual and auto Z's today! The full ride in the auto is next video! Colors featured: boulder gray and passion red
  7. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Got to spend some quality time with the Z Proto yesterday. I think you'll appreciate some of the easter eggs on the gauge cluster.
  8. 2023+ Nissan Z Videos
    Spotted this driving to car show this AM. Full driving footage + exterior/interior walk around:
  9. 2023+ Nissan Z Versus The Competition
    Here are some of the main specs for the 2020 Supra. If the rumors are to be believed the 400Z should have more power with its twin-turbo V6 than the Supra at the very least. For the dimensions, hopefully there's a bit more cabin space in the 400Z because I hear it's very cramped in the Supra...
  10. 2023+ Nissan Z Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Nissan has yet to officially announce the 400Z, let along when its release date will be. But new outlets have been speculating when we can see the new Z car. Car and Driver says: "We expect the new Z to debut sometime this year as a 2021 model." Autocar says "No firm date for the 400Z’s...
  11. 2023+ Nissan Z Pictures
    Since all the 400Z renderings seem to have dried up. Let's appreciate all the Z cars that have led us to this moment. Post your favorite photo(s) of a Z car, whether it's yours or not yours. Here's mine:
  12. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics got a chance to play Gran Turismo Sport with a couple of Nissan's engineers. They played with Joseph Mueller – Manager of Restraints Design – and Taosif Alam – Engineer in Marketability – at Nissan North America. While they were playing they talked with Mueller and Alam about working...
  13. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Has anyone heard any news about there being a Z convertible. All the renderings I've seen are of the Z as a hard top. Since the 370Z and Q60 already have convertible versions it would make sense for the Z to be the same way. Would anyone consider a Z convertible over a hard top? Depending on the...
  14. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    I've been talking about this with some friends of mine about what we think the 400Z's 0-60 time will be and I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks. My hope is that it will beat the Supra's 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds. So for me at least 3.7 seconds or quicker would be ideal. At the very least...
  15. 2023+ Nissan Z Videos
    Since the 400Z is expected to use the same engine as the Infiniti Q60 I I figure there are some tips that we can pick up from people who already have modified their Q60s.
  16. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Forbes is reporting that we can see a hybrid and electric drive system in future Z cars. If you want to take the Z brand to a new level in performance this is certainly a way to do it. I'm all for the push towards electrification so long as Nissan keeps a gas option as well. "Firstly...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I've never owned a Nissan but I've always appreciated the Z cars. To me they epitomize what fun sports car should be. Now that Nissan is bringing back the Z name it's as good of a time as any for me to get my first one. I can't wait to learn more about the Z car from people who are...
1-17 of 17 Results