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  1. Nissan Z Name Meaning

    2021+ Nissan 400Z General Discussion Forum
    I've heard the stories about how Nissan got the Fairlady name from the play "My Fair Lady," but I've never been able to find a straight answer as to why they chose to add the Z to the Fairlady/240. I heard that the "Z", was the car's product file designation within Nissan's Design Department...
  2. New Nissan Z Price

    2021+ Nissan 400Z Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I really hope that Nissan doesn't all of a sudden jack up the price for this new car. The current 370Z starts at $31,015 and that's a really good price for the performance that you get. Car and Driver seems to think that the Z will start somewhere in the $40,000 range, which would suck. But...
  3. Nissan just revealed the new Z logo!

    2021+ Nissan 400Z General Discussion Forum
    Nissan has filed a new trademark with the Canadian government of what the new Z logo is going to look like! Earlier this week they also filed trademarks for the same logo in New Zealand and Australia! Based on the way the logo is designed it looks like Nissan is going with a retro vibe, which...