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  1. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    I've been in love with the Z series ever since I started wanting to get into cars. The first car I ever worked on was a Nissan Altima, and when I drained that transmission fluid at 80K miles WHEEW!!!! It was just black pudding. Fortunately, the CVT still works at 105K miles. Anyways (despite...
  2. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    I do not know if it will be a big problem like it is in the q50/q60, but Nissan does not like to fix shit when they know it will be a problem, even the the vr30 was revised in 2018, there are still numerous cases of 2018 - 2021 model years with blown turbos, hopefully this won't be a problem as...
  3. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    Hello community, Not sure if this has been discussed (first post, go easy 😂) Is it known on whether there have been any block changes in the VR30DDTT since the 2016 Red Sport that shares the same engine? I’m referencing this, as there have been many instances where the VR30 has known to drink...
  4. 2023+ Nissan Z General Topics
    AMS claims their big bore VR30 (VR32) is capable of supporting 1,000+ hp. Check it out in their latest video above!
1-4 of 4 Results