Stanley J Paine Auctioneers are auctioning off 27 performance cars and exotics seized by Massachusetts police.

Some of the vehicles include 2 Nissan 350Zs and 13 Mk IV Toyota Supras!

Back in 2020, Massachusetts police seized a collection of performance cars and exotics from an alleged drug trafficker outside Springfield. The cars, referred to in local news coverage as “primarily older-model Toyotas,” turned out to be an enthusiast’s dream collection: Mk IV Supras, E46 M3s, Mitsubishi Evos, Zs, and more. After the raid, the cars were locked up in impound lots, never seeing the light of day. On June 4th, however, that all changes: they’re headed to auction. This will be a sale to watch.

The cars run the gamut from perfectly preserved time capsules to thoroughly thrashed, nitrous-fed track toys. Yet, despite their differences, each auction will have the same ground rules: A $5,000 starting bid, and no reserve price. The high bidder gets the cars, no matter what they end up paying.

The auction includes 27 vehicles (though for some reason, the description says 29), which make up an amazing collection. Much of the mid-1990s-to-early-2000s performance pantheon is accounted for, almost all of them in excellent, low-mile condition. The full list:

  • 13 Mk IV Toyota Supras
  • Five E46 BMW M3s
  • Two Honda S2000s (one AP1, one AP2)
  • Two Mistubishi Lancer Evolutions (one Evo VIII, one Evo IX)
  • Two Nissan 350Zs (one seemingly stock, the other built up with a turbo and a body kit)
  • One F82 BMW M4
  • One Lime Rock Park Edition E92 BMW M3
  • One heavily modified Acura Integra (seemingly a genuine Type R)
Within the list of Supras, however, things get even more interesting. This isn’t some collection of beater base models, but a broad look at all the different variations of the A80 that Toyota offered. Within those thirteen:

  • One is naturally aspirated, 12 are turbocharged
  • Eight are manual, five are automatic
  • The highest mileage example has 123,732 miles
  • The lowest mileage example has a mere 8,169 miles
  • Ten have under 50,000 miles
  • Two are heavily modified, the rest are nearly or completely stock
The cars all come from alleged drug trafficker Cory Taylor, who became the subject of an investigation after Massachusetts State Troopers discovered 138 pounds of marijuana in his van during a traffic stop. A raid of his firehouse-turned-car-storage-facility-and-luxury-apartment revealed guns, drugs, and millions of dollars in cash — and, yes, all of these cars. Screenshots of social posts that spread around during the initial seizure show the vehicles stored indoors, mostly covered, with many on lifts. Their meticulous storage and care shows in their current condition — many of them are near-mint.

The auction starts on June 4, though the cars will be available to view for two days leading up to the sale. Just, please, don’t bid on the Integra. I’m calling dibs on that one.