Looks like the only way we're seeing the production model Z is through the livestream on the 17th...Sadly the New York Auto Show is cancelled again due to COVID...

The 2021 New York Auto Show is officially cancelled. It’s only a couple weeks until doors were scheduled to open for what was meant to be the second auto show in 2021, but new restrictions in New York and the rise of the Covid-19 Delta variant "and the increased measures announced recently by State and local officials to stop its spread" have shut it down for certain.

"We are enormously appreciative of the automobile industry’s tremendous response and commitment in participating in an August New York Auto Show," organizers said in their official announcement, "and especially for the overwhelming involvement in the new EV Test Fest, complete with an entire floor dedicated to electric vehicles and four indoor EV test tracks."

It’s a late shutdown to what was going to be a show with some strong reveals. The two biggest debuts we already knew about were the new Nissan Z and the next-gen Subaru WRX. Now that the show is no longer, expect these reveals to go on virtually like they have for the past year and a half.

Cancelling New York also gives us pause about other auto shows scheduled in 2021. The Munich show is scheduled to take place in early September. Motor Bella (a Detroit Auto Show alternative event) is also meant to take place in September. And the LA Auto Show is currently scheduled for mid-to-late November.

As of today, the only traditional American auto show that has taken place in both 2020 and 2021 is the Chicago Auto Show. It snuck in before the world shut down in 2020, and once again in 2021’s summer Covid lull. Now that the Covid-19 Delta variant is causing case numbers to perk up again, we’re in an unknown territory for the future of large auto shows where many folks gather in a single place. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and months.