AMS Performance got the Nissan Z to hit a 1/4 mile time of 10.47 @ 129 MPH!

After a number of rained out attempts this week, the team was finally able to bring the Z out to the drag strip to get some performance data.
Right off the trailer, the AMS Z ran a 10.78 @ 128 MPH quarter mile, making it the first RZ34 Z to break into the 10's!
The team wasn't done yet, and over the course of the afternoon, we were able to get over a dozen passes in, each progressively lowering our ET, culminating in a blistering 10.47 @ 129 MPH! We've been very impressed with seeing how quickly this platform has progressed, with our first day at the track already breaking the stock turbo VR30DDTT engine record set by the INFINITI Q platform.
  • Stock 0-60mph: 4.0s (as tested by Hagerty)
  • AMS 0-60mph: 2.59s
  • Stock 1/4: 12.3 @ 116 MPH (as tested by Hagerty)
  • AMS 1/4: 10.47 @ 129 MPH
  • Stock: 373 WHP / 373 TQ
  • AMS: 525 WHP / 581 TQ
We've got so much planned over the next few weeks for this car, and can't wait to share it with you as we continue this project!

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  • AMS Intakes (Prototype)
  • AMS Heat Exchanger (Prototype)
  • AMS Full Exhaust incl. Downturns
  • AMS VR30 Intercoolers
  • AMS Flex Fuel Kit (Prototype)
  • AMS RA405 High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • AMS Low Pressure Fuel Pump
  • AMS Inline Fuel Filter
  • AMS Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • AMS Stage 2 VR30 Injectors (Prototype)
  • Hoosier 28" D06 Tires
  • AMS e85 Flex Fuel Tune
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