A Nissan exec recently said he wants an even more performance-oriented Z and that ‘it can handle more’ than 400 horsepower.
He didn't mince his words when it came to the fact that he wants a Z that's even more performance-oriented. Speaking of drivers who always want more, he told me, “Let’s just say we know that customer, and we try to address that customer’s needs.” Now, that could mean anything from a simple tune to a slew of hardware changes, but rest assured, we can be confident that something is very likely in the pipeline.

“It can handle more,” he told me, clearly leaving the door open for a higher horsepower Nismo-branded Z. "[There are] people that want to keep it stock forever—you know some of those people, I have friends like that—and then there are other people that are more like me, that are tuning crazy," he said.