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Another new member! New England

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Hi Everybody! I'm Eric & I'm in Rhode Island. My fun car right now is a '19 Civic Type-R. Its an incredible performer, and if I'm being honest more capable a car than I am a driver. However, I feel like I'm outgrowing a hot hatch. A 5 door just isn't what I want right now. The teaser for the new Integra had me excited for about a day, but the reality is I want a legitimate purpose built sportscar. The New Z ticks almost all the right boxes for me and I'm 90% sure there's one in Boulder Gray or Gun Metallic in my future. I don't think I'll be able to stomach the ADM on launch but fingers crossed, some time next year there'll be one in my driveway. I'm here to learn and stay up on news & events. Hopefully I'll be here for a while!

Here's some pics of my current ride.



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dig ya R , when ya ready to sell contact me
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