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Another update of a purposed revealed date

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Came across this today. Click on link for original post. There’s a bit more about other cars possible coming also.


Nissan 400Z - May 2021
Speaking of a long time between drinks, it's been over a decade since the Nissan 370Z first burst into our lives back in 2009.
But the wait for a new one is almost over, with media in Japan reporting that Nissan's new performance icon - the 400Z - will be revealed to the world in May next year.
In even better news, it's set to be a beast, with the newest Z to borrow Nissan's existing twin-turbo V6 - the one from the Infiniti RedSport product - which could make as much as 298kW and 475Nm.
And in equally grand news, new reports suggest that Nissan is also prepping a budget-conscious little brother for the 400Z, with a lesser Z car to produce around 224kW.
The two-tier approach means there should be a 400Z for every budget, and both should pair with a seven-speed automatic gearbox, or a rev-matching six-speed manual.
It appears the new vehicles is a lock for Australia, too, with Nissan here trademarking the 'Z' name here in preparation for its arrival.
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