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Australia first?

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It could mean the Aussies are getting it first, or it could mean that we'll get the 400Z sooner than expected.
I'd like to us (Aust) be one of the first to receive the car.
Considering we are close to Japan in terms of geographical location, vehicle freight and also being RHD as well.

But I think its unlikely, because the US market is just so big for Z's and the 240z was originally aimed at their market, I feel there's a very good chance USA will receive some first
That timeline is totally unsourced clickbait BS. Even if the rumoured May reveal turns out to be correct there is no way in hell dealers will be seeing them within the following month. Late fall or winter at the earliest.

Aussie car sites are notorious for their clickbaity rumours which turn out to be wrong 99% of the time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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