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Hi all:

I don't want to get too far down the list here, but if the new Z is going to be turbocharged I'm curious what the first, best modifications are for a turbocharged car.

Again, I think I'll be more than happy with the stock power once it arrives, but I'm curious what should I do, and in what order, after that. I'm not as familiar with tuning cars as maybe some of you guys.

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We need to see how easy it will be to tune the engine management system to provide more boost. Automakers have been making it harder and harder to tune the ECU. We're seeing some tuners have to run "piggy-back" systems that basically run on top of the factory ECU to modify boost. More boost = more power.

A cat-back exhaust is usually good for at least another 15 horsepower on a turbo car, maybe more, but on some newer cars the ECU will compensate and zero out the gains from the exhaust.

I need to dive into the Q50's tuning community and see what gains they're getting, because the 400Z will probably share that engine and engine management system.
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