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Black color roof or body color roof? Which would you order?

  • Black roof

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Body color roof

    Votes: 4 57.1%

Black color roof or body color roof?

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My prediction is that the black color roof is going to be optional. Here is what a body color roof would look like.

I'm inclined to choose this body color roof because if I decided I wanted to change to a black roof later, I could easily do that with vinyl. Would be more difficult the other way around.

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I love the black roof. The extra contrast just provides personality to me, and my favorite lines are below the beltine.
I despise the black roof. I’m hoping its an option offered or else I’ll be forced to have it painted to match.
Black roof but body colored A-C pillar to maintain that Z roofline.
Black to give it that lower profile effect and it's unique. Would be great if part is lighter CF just like on some BMW Ms, but maintenance could be an issue.
Getting a black car but I wouldn’t mind a matte black roof. Just not the pillars. If I had another color I’d want colored matched.
Are you guys thinking at initial public launch it will only come in yellow?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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