Bros FOURR Speed gave his final take on the 2023 Z that Nissan let him borrow. It will be moving on to the next person. Lots of great points shared here from an owners perspective.
"Well the day has come for me to say goodbye to the all new 2023 Nissan Z Performance! I was able to film 15 videos on this 2023 Nissan Z Performance and had an absolute blast with it! This particular Nissan Z is a Pre-Production car so I'm not too sure what would change if anything. But I am still planning to buy the new Z in a manual transmission. I'm excited to buy the 2023 Nissan Z Performance and hopefully customer orders in the US market start soon! The new Z is a pretty fun car and plenty of power! Using launch control we actually got 4 seconds flat! And I love how the power keeps pulling hard to redline and never falls flat. I'm not the biggest fan of the 9 speed auto. It's ok, but I'm only buying manual anyways ;) But for my final thoughts on the new Z is that its a pretty good affordable fun sportscar with a lot to offer and plenty of interior space. Looks amazing inside and out and will be a good platform for a ton of modifications and upgrades. This is my last drive after putting 2 gas tanks through it and I had some fun!"