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Car and Driver Comparison Test: Nissan Z Performance Vs Supra 3.0

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2nd Place:
Nissan Z Performance

Highs: Engaging manual transmission, twin-turbo V-6 is willing and able, less cash outlay.
Tires are easily overwhelmed, outdated interior with disappointing materials, shallow trunk space.
1st Place:
Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium

Highs: Superb suspension tuning, pleasant ride quality, potent inline-six.
Wince-inducing exterior styling, small cargo area, infotainment could be more intuitive.
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yeah I would like for this review to have been AT vs AT would have closed the acceleration gap a bit. and yes looking forward to the manual vs manual review also.

I agree on the tire swap. once I wear the S007's out I will go to michilen sports. but with that said I think if you are dropping 50K+ you shouldnt have to swap tires.
Yeah I really wish this review was auto vs auto, I don't think the comparison between the manual and Supra auto is really a good comparison.
I don't think this comparison was really worth the read since it was manual vs auto.

Agreed manual vs manual is a review I'm excited for.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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