2022 is here and that means the Z is coming soon. We think…

Based on every fact, leak and rumor we can rummage together, we’ve assembled a list of the important questions future Z owners want to know about the new Z. Some of this is fact. Some is speculation. So enjoy with a grain of salt.

Where Can You See it?

Reported here first, Nissan has provided a list of places where you can go and view the Z on its US tour schedule.
  • February 10-21 - Chicago Auto Show*
  • February 23-March 26 - Cleveland Auto Show
  • March 3-13 - Philadelphia Auto Show
  • March 14-20 - Atlanta Auto Show
  • March 15-20 - Dallas Auto Show
*We’ve heard unconfirmed rumors Nissan may be planning a very small surprise in Chicago. What is it? We don’t know, but we won’t have to wait long to find out.

When will pricing come out?

We know pricing will come in Spring 2022, but exactly when still remains a mystery. With sports car season coming soon, we anticipate somewhere around late April to capitalize on the excitement of summer and the hopes that you’ll be able to get in your new sports car soon.

How Much will it cost?

All we know so far is that the pricing will start at around $40,000. This coming from a Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta. That will be the starting price for the Sport trim with the Performance trim likely costing more (significantly more?) than $45,000.

That top trim will come with a long list of goodies including, critically, a limited slip differential. Both trims will come with a standard 6-speed manual transmission although only the Performance trim will get the Z’s awesome downshift rev-matching feature and launch control.

Critical other updates for the Performance model include a sport tuned suspension as well as a staggered wheel setup with Rays 19x9.5-inch wheels up front and 19x10 in the rear wrapped in 255/40/19 and 275/35/19 rubber. Performance models also get upgraded brakes with larger disks and 4-piston aluminum calipers, as opposed to 2-piston cast-iron ones.

Outside the Performance trim also gets a front lip spoiler and a rear deck spoiler, plus unique tips for the custom exhaust. Inside, there’s a larger digital display, leather and suede seats, more power options and a few other items. All said, it’s looking like you’ll pay a premium for the Performance model.

When will orders be available?

Early rumors had suggested February would be the window for orders and that looks likely.

Nissan Canada has opened up pre-orders from January 26 to February 2nd, with actual orders happening on the 3rd. We’d anticipate US orders to happen right around that timeframe if not a few weeks later.

How can you order a new Z?

We don’t anticipate Nissan will be engaging in any of these fancy online order processes like everyone seems to do for electric cars now. Instead, this traditional sports car will have a traditional ordering process. In other words: talk to your dealer.

In fact, we recommend staying in close contact with your dealer as it appears pricing will come much later than ordering.

How can you pre-order one?

That’s really up to your dealer. There is no official pre-order process. If you do get your dealer to reserve you a spot in their own line, make sure to get your dealer to agree, in writing, to MSRP. They might not. Sports cars, in spring in particular, will be in incredibly short supply and the first round to dealers is always somewhat limited. So dealers will see a ton of wild demand and have few vehicles so they’ll be able to set any price they want. If you don’t want to pay markup… just wait.

When are deliveries?

We’ll admit we have the least info on this topic, but based on the timeline so far, July is a reasonable date for most folks. One dealer has told customers that if they order immediately they could have their vehicle by “early Spring.” That could be a tactic to get a deal, or it could be legit. Time will tell.

When will reviews come out?

If we stick to the July delivery timeline, we expect journalists to be able to drive the car in May or June, with articles and videos coming out a week or two after. This should get the buzz going and lasting pretty closely until the first units hit dealers.

When can you test drive the new Z? When will dealers get Demos?

If you want to be an early owner of the new Z you’ll likely have to buy it without ever driving it. That’s because you’ll have to get your order in early. You’ll likely get a chance to drive it while you wait though.