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While waiting patiently for the Z, hoping the new package will be good enough, looking at other options. We all know hybrids and EVs are coming fast and are very capable on tracks and efficient. I'm a true Z enthusiast but if dealers become sharks and set ridiculous pricing above MSRP, I'm not buying. I pre-ordered a Rivian R1T for 2023 delivery, a very capable truck, check the reviews and MT's Trans America Trail videos (one below). This is my other 'fun' venturing out on my current Xterra. The Z will be my last ICE if it pans out.

I know lots will question charging stations but they're coming...

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That Xterra looks incredible. Can you share more photos?

I'm super interested in the Rivian too, congrats on your reservation. Are you a member yet over here:Rivian Forum – Rivian R1T & R1S News, Pricing & Order... ?
I assume you've seen it, but just in case, the Edmunds video on the R1T was really good.
I'll check into that, thanks! Been wheeling my Xterra, showing plenty of pinstripes, all over So CA, will share pics later.

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Unique, truck-shaped vehicle that can win drag races against most cars.
Makes millenials geek out.
Uh-oh, why doesn't this charging station function?
Damnit, when are they going to make charging stations that accomodate a towing EV?
Wow, I can't believe how bad the range is when towing!
Uh, did I mention the truck is small?

Regular truck:
Has a usable bed
Can be rescued with a jug of gas
Can tow and tow and tow, "recharging" in less than 10 minutes and get back to towing

I dunno, I'd do an EV car before truck. But that's just me!
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