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GoldCoast, Australia

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Thinking the Z will be my first brand new car purchase. Car history has some performance punctuated by a few boring sedans...from a near new 1998 WRX GC8 back in the day, 350Z Track, Datsun 1600 (510) FJ20ET project, Lexus ISF, Opel OPC into motorcycles and 300hp jetski and looking into paragliding as I type...I like a bit of adrenalin fun.
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Welcome to the forum @Montyz8193

Nice list of cars. Do you have any pictures of them?
Which new Z model and spec are you planning to get?
I am set on a Performance spec 6 spd manual, Seiran Blue & blue interior if avail, press is writing Australia likely will only get a single model here fully spec'd. I'm anticipating I'll pay min 55k USD drive-away in Australia - just damn expensive due to lower volume margins, greedy govt taxes etc. The 370z is finally a decent price here for last few years but that is still $38k USD drive-away price. Loved the ISF comfort, but it was heavy and really made for the autobahn - I did take to the track once for a bit of fun:
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