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I'm the administrator for VerticalScope Inc's Infiniti Q60 forum. I'm the original owner of a 2017 Q60 Red Sport 400 with 36,xxx miles which shares the VR30DDTT with the Z. So the wastegates on my turbos occasionally rattle during cold starts since new. During my last scheduled maintenance (12/2022) which happened to be the month when my factory warranty ended, I asked that the turbos be inspected as we've had Q60 forum members report turbo and engine replacement. The service writer asked if I was hearing any noises from the turbos. I mentioned what I thought was waste gate rattle during cold starts. The turbos were inspected and then replaced under warranty. The new turbos still have the occasional waste gate rattle under cold start, so I don't know if the original turbos were actually defective.

Anyway, I'm looking to eventually trade in the Q60 when a decent amount of 2023 Z model inventory hits the Houston area.

Are there any known common issues with the 2023 Z?
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Hey @Bevo welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing that about the turbos on your Q60. Was that the first time you heard the rattle when you had it looked at in December? Personally I haven't heard anything like that yet but it's something I'll keep in mind going forward.
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Was that the first time you heard the rattle when you had it looked at in December?
So I always remote start the car from inside the house when the car is in the garage. I could hear the rattle through the garage door during cold starts since the car was new (Dec 2016). Even with the replacement turbos I still hear that same occasional rattle during cold starts so I wonder if the original turbos were even defective.

My car has the Infiniti Sport Exhaust Kit (muffler delete) and for the first 25 seconds of a cold start the exhaust is loud AF, that's when I hear the rattle.
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