Nissan goes in depth with the hidden design features of the Z in this new post on their website.

Inspiration comes in all forms, and all senses. The spark of a great novel can come from hearing an intriguing story, a hit song from a photograph, and a new design from walking down memory lane. When Nissan unveiled the all-new Z in August 2021, the world got a glimpse at the seventh-generation Z with some keen fans pointing out some of the inspirations Nissan designers tapped into. But that was only half of it.

Like a kid in a candy shop, designers looked at the past 50 years of Z for inspiration, added a twist, and even hid some subtle elements of natural beauty to spark a love-at-first-sight impression that would develop into a bonding relationship between Z and beholder.

Join us as we explore some of the subtle – and not so subtle – visual cues from past models that artistically convey the Z’s rich 50-year history and celebrate its Japanese heritage.

Side profile: Quite possibly the most iconic viewpoint of the Nissan sports car, the new Z exudes the familiar silhouette of the first-generation, with the rear section sitting lower than the front. The long nose and short deck, further emphasized by the sloping roof line, complete the iconic look.

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Front and rear ride height/body styling and exterior door: The Golden Ratio, often called the most beautiful number in the universe, is a mathematical expression that can be seen in nature, such as a Nautilus shell, and also in art, such as masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, architecture, and even music. On the all-new Z, elements of the front and rear, window height and door panel utilize the Golden Ratio to impress a natural beauty and pleasing aesthetic to all.

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Silver roof accent: Inspired by the shape and color of a katana blade (samurai sword), this unique accent highlights the lower body section and emphasizes the side view silhouette, especially when combined with a black roof.

The accent also conveys the car’s Japanese heritage, along with the high level of craftsmanship that goes into making the legendary blade.

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Rear-quarter glass: The signature triangular quarter glass draws its inspiration directly from the first-generation Z. This unique shape was also used in the 370Z.

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Hood: Known in the design halls as the “Z Bulge,” the hood takes the same approach to the hood as the original Nissan Z, with a raised bulge with sharp creases that accent the long nose and hint at the power under the hood waiting to be released.

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Grille: The sharp rectangular design of the new Z’s grille allows for ample airflow to feed the twin-turbo V-6 engine, while also referencing a shape similar to the original Z and the 350Z. Looking closer, the new Z’s grille is made up of elongated oval shapes that also pay homage to the Z32’s taillamps.

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Headlamps: The shape of the headlamps was patterned after the scooped-out design of the first-generation Z. The signature lighting, made up of two crescent LED bars of light, took inspiration from the glass-covered headlamps of the 240ZG, also known as the “G-nose” Z.

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C-pillar Z logo: The all-new Nissan Z adopts a “Z” badge reminiscent of the first-generation S30 Z. It can even be found in the same position, a few inches beside the car’s rear quarter glass.

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Taillights: The rear styling of the new Z was directly inspired by the Nissan 300ZX (Z32). The black-out center section that spans across the rear is also a design theme found on the original Z and the Nissan 300ZX (Z31).

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Rear spoiler: Both functional and visually dynamic, the ducktail-style rear spoiler was a popular tuner addition for first-generation Zs. The all-new Z takes inspiration with its own interpretation of the sporty rear spoiler.

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