Here's how you can get on the new Nissan Z order list now. This is only for US residents.
Are you looking to pre-order the New Z? In this interview with Shawn Stegall we discuss how you can get on the list to pre-order the new car, how pre-orders are handled, how the actual rollout is likely to go and more. Nissan says the new Z is due out in the Spring of 2022, but Shawn and I talk through the reality of the cars new launch. We don't just talk about ordering either. We get in to the like MSRP, options, trim levels and our thoughts on the car itself.

Shawn is in sales at Orr Nissan Central, one of the largest Nissan stores in North America. To get on his pre-order list, please contact him directly through the dealership. Mention this youtube channel too!