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Japanese media up close with the new Z in video

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Any Japanese speakers here that can translate anything we didn't hear in the official unveil?
Watched the first one. Nothing major but he said a few things that may be of interest. First he said a few things that sounded like a matter of fact by the way he said them. One was that it would be released next year and shouldn't change much. The next was that is was using the Skyline 400 twin turbo engine so pretty much same as the red sport. Also he said that the grill will change as the show model is not designed to mount a front license plate which is required. He also said that the hood slope look a little off and could be improved by being longer like the S30. Sorry if I screwed any of the translation up as my Japanese is pretty rough and my wife is not a huge fan of translating car stuff for me. If any particular part is of interest let me know I can give you my best guess on it.
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Good info @Ace_SRZ you're trying. All I got was when he was commenting about the interior, the word 'carry over' kept coming up :LOL:
Watched the other two and they are more speculative less official then the first one. But at the end of the 3rd one there is a conversation with the designer from Nissan where they say the inside needs to be refined as it still seems rough. The engineer doesn't commit to anything but do seem to say that Nissan is reviewing things like that an is open to changes. But in Japanese sometimes you says stuff like that to be polite.
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Good info @Ace_SRZ you're trying. All I got was when he was commenting about the interior, the word 'carry over' kept coming up :LOL:
Yeah, on the interior he was saying it was a carry over from the Z34 which was surprising. He also did say something about the rear of the car being a carry over from the 370 when he was outside behind the car.

Seems the Japanese reviews are more concerned about the interior then the grill like the rest of the world.
JDM Masters did some coverage as well:
"Join us as we go to Yokohama, the home ground of Nissan Motors Co. to the Nissan Pavilion to see in person the new '400Z' Fairlady Z "PROTOTYPE" which made world headlines in the automotive industry with their long awaited next generation design. We had the opportunity to check the actual prototype model that was shown in the press release and promotion video. We give you our impressions looking at the details and design features that can only be seen up close in person."
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