MCA Suspension shared their adjustable suspension setup for the Z.

400Z adjustable suspension is now available!

We were excited to experience the latest Z car from Nissan and it did not disappoint. Whilst the upgrades to the exterior, interior and drivetrain are excellent, we found the factory suspension fairly disappointing, very soft but also somehow uncomfortable at the same time, it’s really holding the rest of the car back in our opinion.

Thanks to the suspension being very similar to the previous 370Z model, we were able to quickly develop a suspension package for it to rectify this issue. This customer was after a track/motorsport focused package and went for a set of Red Series shocks tailored to this application.
The result is a much more enjoyable and confidence inspiring drive with barely any reduction in overall ride quality in our opinion. Setups like our Pro Sports and Pro Comforts will be excellent options for people looking to improve their 400Z suspension without sacrificing anything compared to the factory suspension.

400Z suspension kits can now be ordered directly from our website.

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