Jason from Engineering Explained released a new video where he looks at what happened when he accidentally money shifted the Z from 3rd to 2nd gear when he was checking out the Z.

Money shifting is a driving mistake that can catastrophically ruin a car's drivetrain. Essentially, money shifting is when you shift to a lower gear than what you were anticipating. This can cause the engine RPM to raise above redline, cause the driven wheels to lockup, and can cause clutch slip - all of which can result in big damage.

In this video, we'll discuss what is money shifting, what happens internally when a car money shifts, and what the consequences of a money shift are. While driving a 2023 Nissan Z on track, I experienced my first money shift. After over 15 years of driving manual transmissions, I've unfortunately dirtied my clean driving record. But we can learn from my mistake! So enjoy the video, and don't do what I did.