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Hi All,

New member here from Sydney Australia. My past rides were a 350hp mk6 Golf R and an Audi 8V S3. The R was amazing, full bolt ons with KW DDC coilovers. But that got written off in an accident by someone going through a red. the Audi was great but found it to be a bit too refined and boring. moved on to motorbikes with a Honda MC22 250RR and an Aprilia RSV4.

After the bikes I wanted to get back into the car scene and wanted something a bit more involving. Was looking at getting into either an R32 or R33 GTR, but they are around $120K-$150k AUD for something decent. I couldnt justify spending that much on a car that is over 20 years old....

Hence my decision to go with the new Z. Manual, 2 seater, rear wheel drive 400hp...nothing really like it out there and wanted to get a dirty ICE before electric and hybrid cars take over the market!

I havent driven a Manual car in so long and confidence is pretty low so hopefully will get the hang of it once its in my hands!
Welcome to the forum @CJY84! Have you thought about what color or trim options you'll go with?
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