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Nissan 400Z Release Date

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Nissan has yet to officially announce the 400Z, let along when its release date will be. But new outlets have been speculating when we can see the new Z car.

Car and Driver says: "We expect the new Z to debut sometime this year as a 2021 model."

Autocar says "No firm date for the 400Z’s unveiling has been given yet. Sources initially suggested a debut this year could be on the cards, but the pandemic could easily cause the launch to be delayed until next year."

Given how hard the Coronavirus has impacted the auto industry my guess is that we won't hear anything about the 400Z until the fall/winter at the earliest.
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At this rate, I'm going to be in full retirement before we're going to be able to order a full production model. That's OK because i need a new parking space.
Yeah Nissan has to sink a ton more into pure R&D. And get back into racing in classes where they were outstanding in the past. Look at all the benefits that Honda and Toyota get from the billions spent on racing. Some of their design features are decades more advanced than others. You don't have to go far to see it.
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