Nissan has filed for a number of related trademark applications in Canada for Max-Out, Hang-Out, Chill-Out and Surf-Out.

Its not clear what these are for, Nissan has them a big classification 'Goods' that covers the following: Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; Automobiles; Electric vehicles; Wagons; Trucks; Vans; Sport utility vehicles; Motor buses; Recreational vehicles; Sports cars; Racing cars; Bicycles; Lorries; Fork lift trucks; Tractors including towing tractors; Brake pads for land vehicles; Vehicle bumpers; Air bags; Mudguards; Engines for land vehicles; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Bodies for vehicles; Vehicle chassis; Transmissions for land vehicles; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; Vehicle wheels; Brakes for vehicles; Vehicle windscreens; Vehicle parts, namely, windshield wipers; Steering wheels for land vehicles; Direction signals for vehicles; Vehicle seats; Spoilers for vehicles; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Fitted vehicle covers for automobiles; Fitted vehicle seat covers; Cigar lighters for automobiles; Safety seats for children, for vehicles; concept motor vehicles

I was thinking these could be for accessories for the new Frontier and Pathfinder.
What does everyone think ?

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