Now you don't have to worry about Nissan dealerships screwing you over.
"After receiving complaints about dealerships screwing customers over leases, doing everything from tacking on fees to refusing to provide buyout quotes, Nissan is taking a strange stance. Cars Direct reports the automaker is allowing some Nissan and Infiniti dealers to charge customers “reconditioning fees” if they want their lease returns to be certified pre-owned vehicles.

In a letter sent to dealers on March 9th, the company says that it’s allowing a $2,500 cap on reconditioning fees for customers that want to have their vehicles certified. A Nissan spokesperson confirmed the fee with Cars Direct:

This update now allows for a $2,500 cap on customer-approved reconditioning costs. Additionally, reconditioning costs are limited to required repairs needed to meet CPO requirements and do not include the CPO Certification Fee, which is paid for by the dealer."