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Nissan USA just posted 3 separate times about the new Z on Instagram

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Nissan USA just posted 3 times in the past couple hours all about the new Z and just the Z in general. Maybe this means we're getting closer to them announcing something. Here's the link to their Instagram.

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I had to hunt down that Chris Forsberg car and have a look. That's pretty slick!

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It's such a special 280Z. It looks and sounds incredible.

What sick sounds this car made. I had two 280ZX’s during my college days (both used) each w/aftermarket exhausts (ANSA) that made sweet sounds, but nothing like this heavily modified monster of a car. It’s a shame there’s no major Japanese player making an in-line six for the US. I thought Toyota would do it with the MKV Supra but they sadly crapped out and didn’t bother making much of anything for the Supra save for its heinous skin and suspension mods. I’m sure there’s more to it than that but I don’t care - it’s not a Supra if Toyota didn’t make the power train. Having said all that, kudos to Nissan for keeping it real and making the engine themselves AND offering a manual transmission. I’m a buyer of the Nismo version (with a stick) in a couple of years.
The turbo noise is what does it for me listening to that car go. It's intoxicating.
Maybe an aftermarket exhaust company such as Billy Boat will make one. Mainly, he builds for Porsches and 'vetts, but I just got one for my Z32 and it is FANTASTIC!
Someone will definitely make an exhaust system that brings out the Z's sound if it does sound subdued.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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