Nissan is going to reveal a new EV concept car next week and it looks like it's an electric sports car.

Nissan’s new concept is likely a sporty EV convertible.

Nissan is no stranger to electrification, but thus far most of its efforts have been limited to hatchbacks and crossovers in the form of the Leaf and Ariya, respectively. But, that may be soon to change – Nissan is debuting a concept on February 2.

The associated teaser image is a dead-on rear shot of the Nissan Max-Out concept, one of four virtual concepts Nissan showed off last year. The tagline “see what happens when virtual becomes physical,” and teaser shots indicate that Nissan may have produced a physical mock-up of the Max-Out concept.

The Max-Out concept is a convertible, powered by Nissan’s new E-4ORCE AWD system underneath a supposedly lightweight construction body. The concept features a trick seating arrangement, where the passenger seat can slide or fold into the floor to allow for more storage space. It promises a low center of gravity and good handling. Actual technical specifications of the Max-Out concept haven’t been provided.

It’s interesting to see Nissan turn its attention to an electrified coupe, a segment that is arguably limited in scope. By comparison, the Chill-Out and Hang-Out EV crossovers, and Surf-Out EV pickup would have broader appeal. Outside of a technical exercise, we aren’t sure if the Max-Out will move beyond the concept stage, or given the popularity of crossovers if that’s even a wise thing for the brand to do.

Nissan’s concept will debut via live stream, on February 2 in Japan; February 1 at 8 PM EST.