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From Official Japanese Site

Intelligent cruise control
Maintains the inter-vehicle distance according to the set vehicle speed.

Drive to maintain the distance from the preceding vehicle up to the vehicle speed set by the driver. It constantly controls the vehicle speed to reduce the burden on the driver and provide comfortable driving.

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Lane Departure Warning

Supports the driver by warning of lane departure.

If the vehicle may unintentionally deviate from the driving lane, the display in the meter and the alarm sound alert the driver.

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Hill start assist
Back up the start on the uphill.

When starting uphill, the car maintains the braking force for 2 seconds while stepping from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal. You can calm down slowly and step on the pedals.

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BSW (rear side vehicle detection warning)
Detects a vehicle running in the blind spot on the rear side.

When a vehicle traveling behind an adjacent lane, which tends to be a blind spot, is detected, the driver is notified by a display, and when the turn signal is activated, a warning sound and a display alert the driver.

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RCTA (Vehicle detection warning when reversing)
Detects the vehicle behind when backing up.

When reversing, when a vehicle trying to cross behind is detected, a warning sound alerts the driver. We support safety confirmation in places where it is difficult to see behind, such as parking lots on the go.

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Intelligent emergency brake
Assists avoidance operations when the possibility of collision increases.

It detects cars and people in front of you while driving, and prompts you to avoid it when the possibility of a collision increases. In the unlikely event that the vehicle cannot decelerate safely, the brakes will be activated to assist in collision avoidance. It also detects pedestrians in front of you. When there is a risk of a collision, the driver is encouraged to avoid the collision, and if the driver cannot decelerate safely, the emergency brake is automatically applied to assist the driver in avoiding the collision.

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Misstepped collision prevention assist
Suppresses mistakes in stepping in the parking lot (9M-ATx).

Suppresses sudden acceleration due to incorrect pedal depression in the parking lot. It also detects glass such as walls and convenience stores.
● Low-speed collision mitigation braking function (when moving forward / backward)
If there is a risk of collision with an obstacle, brake control is added to the engine output control to assist in preventing collision with obstacles.
● Low-speed acceleration suppression function (when moving forward / backward) When
there is an obstacle such as a wall in front of the direction of travel, if the accelerator pedal is depressed more than necessary, acceleration is automatically suppressed with an alarm. Furthermore, when moving forward (including when the vehicle is stopped), it also operates when a vehicle or pedestrian is detected.

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High beam assist
Automatically switches to high beam to ensure nighttime visibility.

The high beam and low beam of the headlights are automatically selected according to the presence or absence of the preceding vehicle and oncoming vehicle and the brightness of the surroundings. It increases the frequency of driving with high beams and enables early detection of pedestrians. In addition, when a preceding vehicle or an oncoming vehicle is detected, it automatically switches to low beam.

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