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I get that NISMO has an up-spec race-spec, but I would like to see it get a bit of a 432 vibe.

Something both upgraded to the top of the line, but also distilled to something more elemental, and a bit more of a collector's item, perhaps more limited edition than regular production.

Sports/race seats, ok.. if they are still good and comfortable for longer drives, and not too antithetical to using the car as a driver/touring car.

A bit more power with more effective cooling... that is fine, just as a bit more optimization... such as a lighter flywheel and more precise balance, with slightly upgraded turbos with ceramic bearings for faster response... sort of the enthusiast/gearhead spec.

Forged wheels with 2-piece brake discs to lighten the unsprung and rotational weight would be very good.

Electronically active or magneto-rheological dampers, an e-gear differential... a bit more suspension and traction tech, if it is both effective and reliable, would be interesting...

Maybe also a case to be made for a valved sport exhaust system, like many other cars are getting lately.

Lightweight bodywork would be welcomed, as long as it isn't ultra fragile or too expensive to repair or replace, because this would be the car to keep, and repair if ever damaged... and shoudn't have to be a garage queen in order to last.

A mild aero-kit perhaps, but not all slats, spoilers, and ducts to try to show off as a factory race car... if it looks more boy-racer ridiculous than standard, and not a clean design... that hurts the special edition/collectability aspect, and one may as well just get the ST package, and modify it with the things I mentioned above.

If the car starts at 35K... this should be doable with a profit margin, for 20 grand or less... putting the MSRP at 55K or less, which S30R32 mentioned. That would take the top of the line Z35 right into Supra 3.0's base price.

Keep in mind this is not retail price modification, where you take off parts that were purchased as part of the car, and put on retail price parts aftermarket. This is baked into the car from the production and supplier level. the retail markup is the MSRP or invoice price. You don't put on base wheels to replace them with forged ones... the forged ones go on in the first place.

107 Posts
The FM platform can not be adapted to hybrid, there's absolutely no room for the equipment.
To accomplish hybrid versions of these cars will require new platforms, only time will tell if that occurs, but I wouldn't bet on it.
One of the biggest things I wish would change about the automotive industry... or possibly the automotive culture at large...

This dogged practice of trying to change existing things into new things... rather than just making new things as an original item.

Trying to make Mustang into an EV CUV, or a range of Ford cars, rather than a specific model.
Trying to make GTO into a model name, instead of a very specific and aggressive trim level.
Trying to make 911 into a touring car, or debating whether it should be electric.
Trying to make Blazer into a camaro-styled CUV, rather than a truck-based SUV like Bronco and Wrangler.
Trying to make people call sedans with 4 side doors coupes solely based on a slightly raked rear roofline.
And so on...

Why make Nissan Z into a hybrid?

Why not make something ELSE a performance hybrid, and giving it a new name, or using a defunct name like Pulsar, or something.

Imagine a VR30DDTT powering a PHEV drivetrain with Koenigsegg like fluid drive and electric traction motors... and bringing the tech of McLaren Artura and Ferrari 296 GTB down to the mainstream.

Front engine with a generator/starter, rear electric axle and fluid coupler from the front engine for cruising.

Optional front electric motors on either side of the engine for front eAWD and additional regenerative braking, wouldn't even require the 6th driveshaft that R35 GTR does from the rear transaxle to the front diff.

That could expand the next generation Skyline/Infiniti lineup, for Coupe, Convertible, Sedan, CUV, wagon,

Nissan Z does not need to be that, at least not right now. It just needs to re-establish a mainstream 2-seat sports car between Miata and Corvette or Porsche.
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