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Thanks for setting up the forum. I am not yet sure If I will buy a Z, at this point it will depend on a few things. I used to own a 92 300ZX 2+0 N/A, I have loved and missed that car ever since. View attachment 2761
I will be looking at the Rosewood red
View attachment 2762
or Pearl white Z with the red interior depending on how dark the red interior ends up being. View attachment 2763
I would love to hear of a Targa or T-top in the future however it seems Nissan does not agree. Thank you to the creators of these 2 color previews I cannot wait to see them in person!
Welcome @LilFubar! Aside from the color, how are you looking to spec your Z? Manual or Automatic transmission?

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@Rusty Thanks for the warm welcome!

Not sure about the blue interior just yet. Will have to see it in person to decide. As far as mods to the Max, there are many!

2010 Maxima SV Sport
Nismo Z BBK w/Custom PowderCoating
Z1 BBK Rotors Slotted and Drilled
Custom Wheels Adventus AVX-6 20x8.5 F & 20x10 R
KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers (rides great!)
Fenders rolled
Moog Endlinks front & rear
Voodoo13 Toe Arms
SPC Camber Arms
K&N Intake
Resonator Delete
…and many more that I can’t recall right now 😅
That's a great list of parts here. Have you upped the power at all or is mostly brakes/suspension/handling upgrades?
101 - 105 of 105 Posts