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Incredible restoration and decent investment even though it'll cost you 420k.
"How much? “The average price for an R32 restoration like this one is 45 million yen,” a sales representative told The Drive. That sum converts to $420,500 and change, which is a heck of a lot of money if you kindly remember that a brand-new R35 starts from $113,540 before options.

The reason you’re charged supercar money for a Skyline GT-R in as-new condition is the sheer attention to detail that goes into every restoration. A restoration kicks off with the complete disassembly of the vehicle, down to the smallest nuts and bolts. Next up, the body panels and floor are repaired perfection, coated, and painted to perfection at the Omori plant in Tsurumi.

Overhauling the straight-six engine, stick-shift transmission, and driveline parts is another highlight. New rubber, suspension components, fuel and brake lines, as well as electrical and electronic components also need to be mentioned. Interior refreshing and track testing are the final stages of every build."



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