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Awesome photos @mastamoon! Welcome to the forum! What impressed you the most about the car after seeing it in person?

Looks like people brought their own Nissans to the event, what other cars were there?
The proportions of the car in person look great, something photos and video really don't capture. The huge grill, the huge gas door... they look fine in person. I think that was most impressive after hearing all the negative press about its looks. Also the Yellow is really nice in person.. the metallic glitter in it makes it color shift a bit in the sun. Looks really nice.

There were a lot of Z's there as it was a Z Car Club of America meet also IIRC. Lots of S30s, and 350/370s.. Few GTR's (r35s mostly, but one RHD R32), bunch of Ferraris, a Lambo, McLaren..

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