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Rumor Mill: Nissan Sylvia could return as an EV?

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Nissan Silvia will leave a deep impression on you. The scoop team of this magazine independently obtains the information that Sylvia will be resurrected! The "EV Silvia Plan" released by Nissan Europe in September 2021 attracted attention, but it was one of the triggers, and the "Pure EV Silvia Revival" is accelerating at a stretch.

 The design released by Nissan Europe takes advantage of the beauty of the first Silvia, which was born in 1965. By reviving Nissan's historic car to the present day, Nissan's history will continue even in the EV era. Nissan's aim is to convey it, and we are also reporting on it. Around 2025, the legendary coupe will be revived with EV
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It was bound to happen eventually that Nissan would use one of their historic vehicle names as an EV. I hope they actually make it a coupe and not a sedan or a crossover...
This would be a great way to take on the GR 86 and BRZ, Toyobaru has not said anything about electrification yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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