Things have started to heat up between Nissan and Ford for who gets to trademark the Skyline name.

First, Ford filed for the name with the USPTO on July 12, for use with "Motor land vehicles, namely, SUVs, trucks and automobiles":
Trademark Status & Document Retrieval

Nissan then followed up with its own application, but only claiming use with "Model cars; minicars" on Aug. 26:
Trademark Status & Document Retrieval

Nissan even submitted a photo of a model car as evidence, claiming it was used as early as Aug. 1:

While that was going on, Nissan also filed a trademark for Skyline in Canada on Aug. 25 for use on automobiles and other (non-toy) goods:
Canadian Trademarks Details: SKYLINE — 2129125 - Canadian Trademarks Database - Intellectual property and copyright - Canadian Intellectual Property Office - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

It's hard to say whether or not Nissan actually has plans to use the Skyline name in the future, which they haven't for a while, or if this is in retaliation to Ford. Regardless, things could get interesting as both companies jostle back and forth for the trademark rights.