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Video is here (Doesn't look like it's on YouTube yet): StorieZ Episode 1: Like Father, Like Son

StorieZ Episode 1: Like Father, Like Son
April 26, 2021
Cars often become an extension of the people who drive them. They quite literally drive us down the winding roads of life and play an important role in our StorieZ.
The legendary Nissan Z sports car has turned heads and stolen car enthusiast hearts since 1969, first introduced under the Datsun brand. The original Z was built to bring the joy and excitement of sports car ownership to as many people as possible.
Rooted deeply in Nissan's DNA, the now iconic Z is more than the hum of the engine or the sleek curvatures of the design, it represents the spirit of Nissan as a passionate, innovative challenger; it's pure Z-ness.
Because every Z has a story, and in anticipation of the next Z, we share the StorieZ of Z-car enthusiasts from around the U.S. This is the only way to illustrate what this car represents, in its purest form.

Like Father, Like Son

For father and son Edward and Jonathan Buhler, their Z story began with a 1973 Datsun 240Z. This is a car that is woven through their family's history, first purchased by Edward in 1978. As time passed and the 240Z odometer ticked away, memories were made including be driven to daycare, learning to change the oil in the driveway as a kid and, of course, the day that Jonathan turned 15.

"I always wished I could drive my father's Z, and I never thought my wish would come true," said Buhler.

The keys to the coveted Z would end up in the hands of young Jonathan in 2005 for his 15th birthday, and a father-son restoration project would begin.

"From the minute we stepped into our garage workshop for the first time, I knew that this experience was going to be memorable," added Buhler. "For me to get the keys to the car it would need to have perfect braking, be safe to drive and the power would need to be controllable; we had our work set out for us."

After many late nights in the garage, the duo achieved their goal and Jonathan sped off into the future in search of creating new StorieZ that would lead to college, a wedding and a dream job at Nissan Americas.