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I owned a Datsun 280ZX two-seater in 1982 but had to sell it a few years later as a single mom. Every day since I STILL get that "hit in the gut" feeling when I think of my "Lost Lady". I have been waiting all these years for a close match in the body style to come & finally it is almost here! However, I do wish there were more colors to chose from for us ladies. It is probably NOT something that will happen as it would not be profitable for Nissan but I would love a pink or light turquoise color (with available over stitching in that color, as well) to be available for us women purchasers as a special order. I would gladly pay extra for those choices but DO NOT want an after market paint job to achieve it. I want a bonafide Nissan color & nothing else. Rosewood & white are great but getting old. The other colors I am not crazy about. I cannot wait to order mine in 2023 as all dealers in Louisiana say that is when s.o. will be allowed. I had to post to get into a string before I could contact the U.S. side of Nissan. Thanks guys! Don't beat me up too bad but surprise your lady with pink or turquoise one & life will be a lot sweeter馃!!!
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