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The new Nissan Z will be twinned with the next Infiniti Q60

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According to an article that Autocar published, we should expect the new Z car to be a twin with the next Infinit Q60.

The also mention that the Z car has been given the codename Z35.

The forthcoming model is known internally as the Z35 – a codename that continues a process started with the Z31 model launched in 1983. It has been twinned with the next Infiniti Q60, with which it will share its rear-wheel-drive platform, engine line-up and electric system, according to senior officials from Nissan.
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Twinning the Z35 with the next Q60 makes all the sense in the world to spread development costs. That started way back with the original 350Z being a twin with the Infinit G35.

Nissan should have also twinned the GT-R into an Infiniti supercar slaying beast, but that never happened unfortunately.
It bugs me that they never did that with Infiniti, instead they focused Infiniti's efforts towards making massive land yacht SUVs...
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