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I love the color combination with the green and gold wheels @Ownallday! How long have you had it for?
Thanks! I've had the car since December 2018 so hitting 4 years with her soon.

Great shots! Can definitely see you put some love into that 280Z, still have the oem underhood light, and that compliment gold valve cover, saweeeet! Streets of Willow? I'm planning Buttonwillow again Dec 18, my fav track around here, hope to run into ya (not literally of course) ;)
Thank you! Lot of blood and too much money into this car :ROFLMAO: I painted the valve cover when I first got the car almost 4 years ago, it could use a respray. Yes! That was my first time at streets of willow about 2 months ago. The car actually caught on fire somewhere around the headers, thankfully nothing got damaged and drove the car home like nothing happened. I solved that issue hopefully lol. Me and my friends might go to streets of willow on Dec 12. Hopefully I get to see that sick setup eventually dude!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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