Here's more of a mechanical deep dive that anyone looking to mod the new Nissan Z will want to watch.

"I am super excited about buying the all new 2023 Nissan Z Performance and I have many performance upgrades and modifications planned for my new Z. So in todays video I figured we'd take a look underneath the new Nissan Z and check out how the stock exhaust system is designed, all of the suspension components to see how it may differ from the 370Z. Also check out under the trunk and see about a spare tire and if the Bose subwoofer is the same. Finally we check out the engine bay and see how Nissan designed the 3.0L twin Turbo V6 and see what upgrades would look like for the intake and intercooler system! It looks like the factory downpipes on the 2023 Nissan Z aren't too hard to get too. I could see the bolt heads on the turbo up the down pipes. I also noticed the exhaust diameter seems a bit narrow under 2 inches. While this is a dual exhaust setup it goes to one exhaust pipe in the mid pipe. It is a larger diameter than the pipes leading into it. The muffler section is very odd and is more of a sound chamber. Definitely doesn't restrict any flow but I've never seen a muffler like this. Under the trunk we don't get a spare tire anymore, but we get an inflater kit. Same massive Bose sub woofer in the trunk and all of the same liners and foam pieces. Under the hood the factory air intakes look like they will be a bit of work to replace and the car has an air to water intercooler. So one of the radiators in the grille actually cools coolant that leads to the top side mounted intercoolers for the charged air. The suspension s looks the same as my old Nismo 370Z and should be easy to upgrade! Can't wait to see aftermarket companies create mods for the new 2023 Nissan Z!"