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Will the Z get a G Force Meter?

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I was looking at photos of the new Subaru BRZ and I noticed that in the instrument cluster that it has a G force meter.

It got me wondering if the Z is going to have one as well. From the photos of Z Proto it doesn't show one. Maybe it'll be something that we can customize in the screen.

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The GT-R's display is too analog per today's standards it seems. Those customizable displays on the same view plane are useful and easily programmed. Plus the new Z being twin boosted I'd want all kinds of temp gauges and AFR, and then laptime monitoring i.e. data logger. Hope for all these guys, but I'm sure would be in an options package. .
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Seriously, Nissan should include a data logger and telemetry stuff, lots of performance cars today like my track buddies’ ZL1 and Stang GT came with one, not to mention the GT-R.
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Not many GT-R owners will take their cars to the racetrack, and because they didn't want to program any more racetracks into this gimmick program. Speaking as a racer, I hope Nissan leaves this feature out of the Z35.
Of those I can use MRLS and WSIR since local enough, but agree, if most of the delivered track maps are useless here in the States then not much use. I'll be OK with some kind of stored G readings and manual lap timing, although I use my own transponder anyway.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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